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  • Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

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    Price Match Guarantee

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    $0 Down 0% Financing Options

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Windows and Doors in Kitchener

Back in 1981 Kitchener started a movement that eventually would become very popular, reaching up to 40 million houses. This was the blue box recycling program. This world first shows that the people of Kitchener are fully aware of and committed to the environment.

Doors Wide Open Windows and Doors, a market leader in its field, is also committed to nature, and its protection. For thirty years now Doors Wide Open has been installing energy efficient, eco-friendly doors and windows.

Combining our love for nature with respect towards our clients we have become one of the market leaders in Canada.

Windows Replacement and Installation Kitchener

Due to the fact that the people of Kitchener has always been trendsetters when it comes to looking out for nature, replacing your existing windows with new ones that are both eco-friendly and energy efficient, should be a no-brainer.

That said, let us look at some of the reasons why Doors Wide Open's vinyl windows are such a great choice.

You new windows will be custom made to be an exact fit. This will prevent any drafts that often occur when using pre-fabricated equipment.

Our windows are made to meet the high standards that the Canadian Standards Association (C.S.A.) has set for energy efficient windows. This Canadian Authority knows exactly what our weather is like and can therefore supply the most relevant standards.

Another testimony to how good our windows actually are, is the fact that all our windows carry the Green Star mark of approval. This international agency is tasked with rating how efficiently a product uses energy.

As you see, we did not attempt to use Return on Investment and other financial benefits to convince you to make a mere pragmatic decision. Rather we focused on what you will be doing for nature by using our windows!

Doors Installation and Replacement Kitchener

Our doors here at Doors Wide Open combines three very important design and build philosophies.

Firstly, our doors are designed with energy-efficiency in mind. We use a special polyurethane core to provide superior insulation. This core, which is free from harmful CFC's, provide up to six time more insulation than any wooden door on the market.

The second set of guiding principles we adhere to is to provide doors that are strong and durable. One of the features of our doors that contributes to this is the fact that we use especially designed PVC stiles and rails. These are impervious to moisture and therefor there will be now rotting or bowing. Due to the low thermal conductivity of PVC, these stiles and rails also greatly contributes to the insulation against the cold.

The third factor that we integrate is providing a door that is energy efficient. This allows for better climate control in your house and will help you to cut down on your energy bills. The fact that you use less energy will in turn benefit nature.

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We love nature. Whether it is hot or cold we love looking at nature. To help us to enjoy the beauty of winter even more we added a patio to our house. We were worried that it will be a drain when it comes to heating and cooling. How wrong we were! Doors Wide Open installed the 6 windows and the two sliding doors. During winter time it is a wonderfully snug room which contains heat very well. We can definitely tell you to speak to Doors Wide Open!
Molly and Brian
- Ajax, Ontario

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