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  • Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

    Our products have attained the highest energy star ratings available to suppliers in Canada!

  • Price Match Guarantee

    Price Match Guarantee

    We will beat any price you're quoted on for Windows and Doors products of comparable quality. We're confident in our quality and competitive pricing!

  • $0 Down 0% Financing Options

    $0 Down 0% Financing Options

    $0 down 0% Interest for up to 36 Months! Need we say more? Call us and learn more about our financing options.

Windows and Doors in Pickering

Profit magazine has identified Pickering as one of the top ten Canadian cities to grow a business. This is also reflected in the fact that Pickering has a very high job per resident rating of 1 to 3. Plans exist to add another 40 000 jobs to the already existing 29 000.

Doors Wide Open Windows and Doors, with our thirty years of experience in the field of installing and replacing doors and windows, is part of this business revolution. We do not only provide jobs, but we also work very hard to make our customers happy. Without the loyalty and support of our customers we are nothing.

Window and Door Installation and Replacement services in Pickering

A good way to see if a company really believe in their product is to have a look at the kind of warranties they offer on their products.

Many of our competitors try and pass themselves off as market leaders, industry leaders, leaders in the field of.... or some such thing. If however, you look at what kind of warranties they offer you quickly come to a different conclusion.

Generally companies in our line of work offer a five year or a ten year warranty. They try to sweeten this by turning these into transferable warranties.

Doors Wide Open Windows and Doors goes further than these companies. We do not offer a mere fifteen, or twenty years. No we go way further. Our warranties reach to the horizon. And we mean this literally and not as some metaphorical marketing speak.

We at Doors Wide Open have so much faith in our product that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our products.

The material we use, such as Rigid U.u. PVC window frames, sashes as well as the insulating thermal edge glass all carry a lifetime warranty, from the manufacturer nonetheless.

Now compare these two. A company that offers a five year warranty on its craftsmanship with Doors Wide Open's lifetime warranty. It is obvious which company has more faith in the product it supplies and the work they do.

Our Lifetime Warranty is also not full of tricky small script. There are very few things that will void our warranties. These are fire, misuse, abuse, negligence, and the so-called “act of God.”

Doors Wide Open's Lifetime Warranty is also transferable, doubly so in the case of a new house. A comprehensive warranty like ours that are transferable will definitely raise the house price in any kind of market.

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We love nature. Whether it is hot or cold we love looking at nature. To help us to enjoy the beauty of winter even more we added a patio to our house. We were worried that it will be a drain when it comes to heating and cooling. How wrong we were! Doors Wide Open installed the 6 windows and the two sliding doors. During winter time it is a wonderfully snug room which contains heat very well. We can definitely tell you to speak to Doors Wide Open!
Molly and Brian
- Ajax, Ontario

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